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Smiths Elderflower, Citrus and Spice South African Craft Gin 2020 Double Gold Award Winners

Introducing Our, Proudly South African Produced, Award Winning, London Dry Gin Style Gins.


Using Only Fresh Ingredients SMITHS™ Dry Craft Gins Are Produced And Distributed From Johannesburg, South Africa. Each Variant Is Specifically Created For The Different Gin Types Found In A Gin-Tonic Pairing Wheel.


This Was Done To Ensure That All Types Of Gin-Drinkers Would Be Satisfied With One Or More Varieties Of The SMITHS™ Range. The Ingredients Are Steeped, Boiled And Then Distilled Resulting In The Fresh And Vibrant Gins They All Are.

Read More About Our Dry Craft Gin Variants Here.

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South African Gin Drinkers Can Now Enjoy Their Favourite Tipple While Also Doing Their Bit To Educate And Grow The Hospitality Sector.

5% Of Annual Profits From Every Bottle Of SMITHS™ South African Dry Craft Gin Sold Go Towards Up-Skilling Deserving Individuals By Providing Hospitality Industry Bursaries For Short Courses. This Is An Excellent Social Project Opening Many Doors For Talented Individuals Who Would Otherwise Not Have The Means To Further Their Knowledge, Affording Them The Chance To Become True ‘Smiths’ Of Their Trade. South Africa Is Home To Great Talent In The Hospitality Industry And SMITHS™ Gin Is Proud To Be A Part Of Nurturing That Skill.

The Innovative Idea Is The Brainchild Of Rachel Smith, Founder Of SMITHS™ Gin. Rachel Has Been Working In The Hospitality And Alcohol Industry For The Last Seven Years – Managing Some Of The Biggest Global High-End Luxury Spirits Brands – And So The Next Natural Step Was For Her To Create Her Own Spirits, Of Which SMITHS™ Gin Is The First.

Smiths 2020 Award Winners.png

Award-Winning At The 2020 SA Craft Gin Awards


Smiths Gins Won Three Double Gold Medals At The 2020 South African Craft Gin Awards Where Elderflower, Citrus And Spice All Won.


In Addition, The Smiths Citrus South African Dry Gin Won ‘Best In Category’, In The London Dry Category.

The Competition Was Stiff This Year, With 125 Entries And We Came Out Tops!

Rachel Smith Owner of Smiths South African Dry Craft Gin holding her Double Gold 2019 Awards for the Smiths Gin

Award-Winning At The 2019 SA Craft Gin Awards


The Award Ceremony Was Held At The Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel On The 21st August 2019 In Cape Town And Sponsored By Checkers.


Out Of 110 Individual Craft Gins, The Less Than One Year Old, SMITHS™ Gins All Received Gold And Double Gold Awards. Elderflower And Spice Variants Receiving Double Gold And Citrus Receiving Gold.