Introducing Smiths x Meraki ACTIVE WEAR!

We'd like to share with you the ACTIVE WEAR we're now producing locally with Meraki which uses the patterns from our Smiths Gin bottles!

Ja - no more masks and sanitisers - something a bit more relevant for us at-home Workers, recent Hikers, Series-Binges and Bakers.

It's also a first in South Africa 🍸

The link to the items is where one can also place preorders and buy our hand made cotton facial pads.

The vision for the active wear is bringing brightness into all these lockdown activities we are doing (existing or new). Plus how better to enjoy a Smiths Gin O'Clock than in the Smiths x Meraki activewear!

The long leggings, ¾ leggings, shorts and top are available in all three designs in a weighted, high quality fabric.

What are you waiting for! Head over and order yours today! Check them all out below:

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